Web Design & Consulting

From consulting sessions to custom web development, we’re here to help make your website more attractive and effective.


Video Design Review – Website Consulting

Over the last 20 years, we’ve built hundreds of websites and have a pretty clear idea of what works and what needs to be fixed.

We will record a 30-60 minute design review video where we evaluate your website and offer constructive feedback on how it can better meet your goals, improve the user experience, and appear more attractive.

Plus, we will include a final report with a checklist of specific, actionable recommendations you can use to make your site feel like new again. Rewatch your video review as much as you like and share it with your team.

After the review, you can add a 30-60 minute follow-up call to answer any further questions you might have about your site or our recommendations.


Video Site Review
(+ actionable checklist)



Follow-up Call
(additional questions)


Why a design review might be helpful for you:

  • Your site is a few years old and you want to freshen it up.
  • It isn’t representing your business well, but it’s hard to know where to start.
  • You know your site could be better at engaging customers, but can’t put your finger on how.
  • You want to hire a designer for a refresh, but want to have some ideas in place before you start talking to someone.
  • You are too close to your business and could use an outside perspective on whether your message is coming across.
  • You’d like an outside expert assessment of your site to share with your organization, boss, or team.


Custom Web Design & Development

Looking to create a new website or redesign your current one?

We build custom sites for:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify

Our team handles all the design and development from start to finish. Not sure what platform is the best fit for your project? No problem!

Contact us to setup an intro call and we’ll put together a free quote based on your specific needs.